About Us

Hello and welcome to Sofia Couture.

We launched in 2011, starting out with headbands & greeting cards, supplying over 38 stores worldwide, few years later we launched our fashion clothing, and from then onwards we started our Christening Collection, with hundreds of Christening dresses and rompers in stock, as well as everything else you need, our company is forever growing, we were voted 'Brands to watch' in the leading Children's fashion industry CWB Magazine.

We go above and beyond to bring our clients the up and coming trends.

The main person behind Sofia Couture is Director Maria, who's background is in Design, with a BA Hons in Graphic Art & Design and working over 20 years for leading top Magazines, you get more than 'just a Christening Company' when you visit me.

I have an eye for detail and have a passion for making items, I starting out in our family business as shoe designers/shoe makers, going on to Advertising Companies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, fashion design, Graphic design & photography Art directing, then on to the worlds leading fashion Magazines in the industry. 

Sofia Couture has been featured in Magazines such as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Junior as well as many other children's magazines, we have even featured on Cbeebies and News Online and as seen on many celeb babies such as the Kardashians and even photographed by our all time favourite Shirlie Kemp. I have had the pleasure of making Christening items for babies all around the world, as far as Australia.

I get asked many times, 'would I open a shop' with our ever so busy seasons this has crossed my mind, but I feel visiting our showroom works for my clients more, than visiting a shop.

We work around you, opening late nights, early mornings, we offer one to one appointments, discussing your design needs, which you simply don't have the time when in a busy shop. Everything is made by us, if we had a shop we wouldn't be able to offer such a personalised, custom service at such amazing prices. We also have more to offer in our showroom than a shop, many exclusive items, you can see finished orders, we have a warm friendly showroom, which many of our clients are blown away when they walk in, we also welcome your babies to come and try on.

My aim is to produce high quality, reasonably priced beautiful items, which will one day be a forever keepsake for your Babies / Godchildren. 

I look forward to welcoming you to Sofia Couture.

Love Maria